1. Catharsis Tarot Companion Guide
    This is the full color deluxe companion book for Catharsis Tarot. JS Moore Author J.R. Howcroft artist/illustrator J.S. Moore uses his unique perspective and artistry bringing the cards to life based on the Rider-Waite, Thoth, and also pulling from ancient traditional cards from centuries past. J.S. Moore has researched Divination, the Occult, and Synchronicity for decades. The companion book to this unique deck will walk the seasoned and novice reader through accurately interpreting their own spreads in real life application. The cards are beautifully and hauntingly drawn by Jared Howcroft who is the artist and illustrator for this wonderful work.
  2. Understanding Apples
    Understanding Apples is a collection of short pieces about Northeast Tennessee, notably the Long Island community of Kingsport - once a locale known for violence and bootlegging. The Island was actually a sacred ground to the Cherokee Nation and the Yuchi who settled there hundreds of years prior. Before 1776 and the Battle of Long Island Flats it was said that no man could be killed on Long Island. But later the chiefs of all seven clans gathered and "signed" a treaty with the white man, giving up not only hundreds of thousands of their acreage, but millions - including the sacred ground known as Long Island. Because the chieftains' decision was not unanimous among the elders or their sons a powerful curse was placed upon the hallowed ground: No man would ever find peace there. A mere window of events is shared within the pages of this book that offer only a glimpse of what life was like thereafter.
  3. Haggard Harry
    Look into the life and philosophy of Kingsport, Tennessee's own Harry Bowyer. Once a soldier, then a lawyer and acting judge, Harry walked away from his comfortable way of life when he found God and began to serve Him. For mature audiences because of language... This is a three part series and part one of the series. A portion of proceeds will benefit Harry.